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The Plow Balance System

Changing the way the world plows snow...

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Plow Balance TruckThe Plow Balance System by Wojanis Supply is a state of the art hydraulic valve which dramatically reduces the wear on the cutting edge of snow plows, by controlling the amount of weight the plow bears upon the road surface.

This patented hydraulic valve system is designed to reduce the wear of the cutting edge on snow plows by controlling the amount of weight that the plow bears upon the road surface.  The operator engages the system by a switch in the cab.  When the full weight of the plow is needed to remove hard packed snow or ice, the system is simply turned off. 

When plow balance reduces the weight of the plow on the road, a number of obvious benefits emerge.  Naturally, the friction is reduced which extends the life of the blade.  Some reports suggest up to 10 times.  DOT agencies acknowledge reduced wear on road surfaces, asphalt patches and lane markers.  Operators comment on less cab vibration, lower noise levels in the truck and improved steering.  The weight of the plow on the road and friction caused by plowing is proportionate to the amount of horsepower needed to operate the truck.  As the horsepower requirement is lessened, so is the fuel requirement.  This saves you fuel costs! 

Plow Balance can be easily installed onto trucks with central hydraulic systems using load sense piston pumps, open center gear pumps, load sense gear pumps or dry valve pumps, manually or electrically operated valves, and single or double –acting plow cylinders. 

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Features and Benefits of the System...

  • Less friction on the road which saves you the cost of cutting edges
  • Plow one or two gears higher than normal
  • Fuel Savings
  • Improved steering through increased front axle weight
  • Reduces damage to patches and road lane markers
  • Reduces impact to truck when encountering raised edges of concrete
  • Reduces scraping noises transmitted to the cab.
  • Can be retrofitted in 3-5 hours.

This valve will save you money!  The payback is quick!

Alternative Applications

We have seen some success in underbelly broom applications with models like Broce and Waldon. Also, a DOT customer has installed the valve on the mold board cylinders on an Athey belt loader and has seen some reduced wear this past summer. If you have an application that might be a fit for the valve, we would like to hear from you!

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