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Specifications for WSC-072-4 Load Sense, WSC-072-5 Gear Pump and WSC-072-4-00 True Load Sense Plow Balance Valve Systems

Plow Balance TruckThe Plow Balance Valve System can be installed in the following types of central hydraulic systems:

a. Load sense piston pumps
b. Load sense gear pumps
c. Fixed displacement pumps
d. Dry valve pumps

Plow balance systems will function on mechanically actuated or
electrically actuated valve systems.


  • The Plow Balance System is designed to reduce the weight of the plow on the road surface; the weight that the plow bears upon the road is adjustable and can be calibrated.
  • The “Plow Balance Function” is controlled via an electric switch
    mounted in the cab. When the Plow Balance System is turned on, the system will assume the Plow Balance Position. When the System Master Switch is turned off, the Plow System assumes its “normal” (i.e. full weight of plow on the road surface) position.
  • The Plow Balance System may remain electrically activated when lifting the plow from the road surface. Plow lift must be immediate. It is not necessary to turn off the system for plow lift. Plow lowering can be done by activating the plow lever or switch to the lower position.
  • The Plow Balance System must be able to hold the plow in the Up Position indefinitely.
  • The vehicle electrical system must be protected from power surges.
  • The Plow Balance manifold shall be of cartridge style valving utilizing “floating” style cartridge valves.
  • All solenoid valve coils must be rated at +/-20% of rated system voltage.
  • All solenoid valves to have manual override capabilities.
  • All Plow Balance valves to be SAE O RING ported.
  • All electrical solenoid valve connectors to have indicator light and securing screws made of stainless steel.
  • All plow balance electrical control boxes to be fused and back lighted. The power switch is to have a red light indicating system activation.
  • All plow balance valve manifolds to include pressure test point for use when checking balance pressures. The pressure test point must be capable of tapping into the system under pressures of up to 5000 psi.
  • The Plow Balance System can be utilized on plow vehicles using electrical switches for raising or lowering the plow or by utilizing manual valving systems for plow lifting and lowering.
  • All Plow Balance Systems for load sense type hydraulic pumps to utilize no more that 25 watts of power at rated voltage. Gear pump systems are to utilize no more than 50 watts of power.
  • Load sense plow balance valves do not require tapping into the load sense line of the piston pump.
  • Plow balance valve systems are to have a maximum of six (6) hydraulic connections.
  • Plow Balance Systems, when activated and in the plowing position, shall not consume more than ten (10) cubic inches of hydraulic fluid at the adjusted pressure.
  • When the Plow Balance System is activated, the snow plow shall be free to follow the contour of the road surface.
  • The Plow Balance System must be adaptable to both load sense, closed center piston pump and fixed displacement, open center type central hydraulic systems.
  • The Plow Balance System must not alter the operation of any other hydraulic function on the vehicle or have any adverse effect on the performance of other equipment to include wing type
    plows, spreaders, augers, hoist, plow angle, or “0” velocity systems. Installation operations of the snow removal vehicle. All normal operations of the plow lift or lower function must be maintained
    without additional tasks. Operating electrical switches beyond normal up / down command to raise or lower the plow is not acceptable.

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