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Management Team Profiles

Larry Breckenridge

Larry Breckenridge - Chief Engineer

Larry has more than 30 years of experience in the fluid power industry and has accumulated an expansive amount of knowledge and experience both designing and troubleshooting hydraulic systems for a wide variety of applications.

  • Holds BSEE, CFPS, and CFPE certificates
  • Trained by Aeroquip for Fluid Conveying Products
  • Trained by Sun Hydraulics for manifold products, electro-hydraulics, and load holding products
  • Training also includes American High Performance Seals, and Permco Hydraulic Technology and Troubleshooting.
  • Holds Mine Safety certification.
  • In-house trainer in principles of hydraulics (See “Service” for additional Training information).
Keith Goldstrohm

Keith Goldstrohm - Co-President

Keith has an extensive 25 year background in industrial distribution with 15 years in the fluid power industry. Along with his brother Doug, he heads up the sales team at Wojanis Supply.

  • Holds Bosch Rexroth Industrial Hydraulics Certificate
  • Attended Aeroquip’s Fluid Conveying Products School
  • Trained by Sun Hydraulics in Manifold Products and Load Holding Products
  • Attended the Continental and White Drive Products’ General Product Seminars, as well as Dropsa product orientation
  • Holds Mine Safety Certificate and Permco Mobile Hydraulics Certificate
Doug Goldstrohm

Douglas Goldstrohm - Co-President

Doug works with his brother leading the sales team at Wojanis Supply. His hands on approach to sales makes it easy for him to diagnose and solve problems for customers.

  • Trained by Bosch Rexroth in Mobile Hydraulics Technology and Industrial Hydraulics Technology as well as Aeroquip product training.
  • Has attended sessions for Prince, White Drive Products, Dropsa training.
  • Holds certification in Mine Safety
  • Trained by Sun Hydraulics for Company and Products Introduction and Load Holding Products.
  • Plow Balance point person
Christine Simcic

Christine Simcic - Human Resources

Christine's official position at Wojanis is Secretary/Treasurer, but she has a series of jobs at the company and has a hand in pretty much everything that happens around the office. She manages our Human Resource department and makes sure that everything runs smoothly around the office. Chris also runs the Fluid Power Challenge every year, which is an engineering based competition for middle school students. She always has a helping hand in the community looking for ways that Wojanis can help out the people around us.