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Maintenance Services

Maintenance ServicesPreventative Maintenance:

Preventative maintenance can greatly reduce repairs and product downtime while also extending the life of the product. In return, your company can save a large sum of money by performing the necessary preventative maintenance.

In order to keep your machinery in top performing condition, Wojanis Supply Company can provide the following preventative maintenance:

  • Oil analysis
  • Filter replacement
  • Oil replacement
  • Tank cleaning


Wojanis Supply Company, Inc. has the ability and experience to offer repair and overhaul services for all major brands of hydraulic pumps, motors, and cylinders. Our repair shop is located at our main facility in the Montour West Industrial Park, easily accessible due to the major highways encompassing the tri-state area.

All units submitted for repair are fully inspected and evaluated to determine the extent of damage. Customers are then advised as to whether the repair is economically feasible or if a replacement unit is warranted. An estimate of cost, parts availability and delivering is then submitted for the customer’s approval.

We strive to keep downtime to a minimum while providing the customer with a cost-effective serviced product.


Bladder Accumulator Charging:

If a customer brings in their bladder accumulators, Wojanis Supply Company will charge them a flat rate of $35.00 for those under 1400 PSI and a flat rate of $50.00 for those over 1400 PSI. If the accumulator must be charged at the customer’s location, additional on-site charges will apply. Please note that charged accumulators cannot be air shipped and there is required documentation for ground shipment.

Hydraulic Hose Crimping:

Wojanis Supply Company technicians have the ability and skill to encompass a wide range of crimping requests.  We have the ability to crimp hoses varying from low pressure air hoses to high pressure hydraulic hoses that range from ¼” to 4”. Come to our facility and we will crimp your hose while you wait! If you are unable to travel to our Wojanis, we can arrange for a sales rep to come to your facility take the necessary measurements.