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Cartridge- Counterbalance

Hydraulic counterbalance valves are often referred to as load holding valves. Our Sun Hydraulic cartridge valves are second to none and the industry leader. Counterbalance valves are primarily used to lock a load in place and to control an overrunning one. Counterbalance valves should be set at 1.3 times the load induced pressure. They come in many capacities, pressure ranges and cavities. Consider Sun load match and load adaptive load holding valves when you want to maximize energy savings. Please call us to inquire with questions on special applications.

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  1. CBGB-LAN - Standard counterbalance valve, T-17A

    CBGB-LAN - Standard counterbalance valve, T-17A

    Counterbalance valves with pilot assist are meant to control an overrunning load. The check valve allows free flow from the directional valve (port 2) to the load (port 1) while a direct-acting, pilot-assisted relief valve controls flow from port 1 to port 2. Pilot assist at port 3 lowers the effective setting of the relief valve at a rate determined by the pilot ratio.

    Technical Features

    • Counterbalance valves should be set at least 1.3 times the maximum load induced pressure.
    • Turn adjustment clockwise to decrease setting and release load.
    • Full clockwise setting is less than 200 psi (14 bar).
    • Backpressure at port 2 adds to the effective relief setting at a ratio of 1 plus the pilot ratio times the backpressure.
    • Reseat exceeds 85% of set pressure when the valve is standard set. Settings lower than the standard set pressure may result in lower reseat percentages.
    • Sun counterbalance cartridges can be installed directly into a cavity machined in an actuator housing for added protection and improved stiffness in the circuit.
    • Two check valve cracking pressures are available. Use the 25 psi (1,7 bar) check unless actuator cavitation is a concern.
    • This valve has positive seals between all ports.
    • All 3-port counterbalance, load control, and pilot-to-open check cartridges are physically interchangeable (i.e. same flow path, same cavity for a given frame size).
    • Incorporates the Sun floating style construction to minimize the possibility of internal parts binding due to excessive installation torque and/or cavity/cartridge machining variations.
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