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Hydraulic Test Bench Design

Our years of experience manufacturing hydraulic systems have given the added expertise to offer a line of custom Hydraulic Fluid Power Test Benches.

At Wojanis Supply, a wide range of turnkey systems have been produced. They range from simple mineral oil pressure test / calibration test stands to much more sophisticated High Water Based Fluid Systems. These are fully functional and tested before they leave the Wojanis Shop. 

We will provide you with over 50 years of experience and technical support, along with the latest product innovations and Fluid Power Technology. Our continuous training and technology reviews keep our staff up to date on the latest developments in the Fluid Power Field.

Applications include:

  • Servo Controlled Multi Cycle Fatigue
  • High Volume Cylinder Yield Test Units
  • High Pressure Water/Oil Emulsion Calibration
  • Portable Test and Sample Test Unit

hydraulic test bench