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Fluid Power Challenge

What is the Fluid Power Challenge?

The NFPA Fluid Power Challenge is a competition that encourages middle school students to solve an engineering problem using fluid power. The competition is designed to educate and allow the kids to demonstrate their skills using hands on experience. The competition has two phases, Workshop Day and Challenge Day. Workshop Day serves as an introduction to fluid power and provides the students with hands on experience building lifters. After Workshop Day the students go back to school in their teams of 4 to design and build a fluid power mechanism that they will use compete in a timed competition. Although all of the students’ supplies are the same, each individual team must come up with their own unique device to solve the problem using their creativity and fluid power knowledge. On Challenge Day, each team submits their design and then they must build their machine and prepare for the timed competition. There are prizes awarded for the best portfolio, teamwork, design and overall winner.



The Goal 

Wojanis Supply Company has been hosting this event since 2011. Our goal is to create a healthy environment to introduce and educate young students about fluid power.

This competition provides:

  • An active engaging way for students to learn about fluid power
  • A learning environment where math and science are fun
  • A Platform for kids to use teamwork, engineering and problem solving skills
  • An introduction to careers in the fluid power industry
  • An environment that will help to build a strong workforce for tomorrow 


Want to get Involved?


Here are some ways that you can contribute!

Schools – We accept around 20 teams each year for the competition. Each student is provided with a t-shirt, lunch, and all of the supplies the team will need for the challenge. This is a great opportunity for kids to try new activities, interact with other students and get hands on experience.Since space is limited we offer spots on a first come first serve basis so get your team registered for the next Fluid Power Challenge today!

Donations/Sponsorship – As a private company, we rely heavily on donations to make this event happen each year to provide a good environment for the students that participate as well as ensure they have everything that they need. Every donation helps and moves us closer towards our goal of allowing these students to experience more about the world of science and engineering.

Volunteers - Are you a local engineer? Just interested in helping out the students? We always welcome volunteers to help out with the competition. We need help with set-up, registration, answering questions, crowd control, serving lunch, and judging the competition just to name a few responsibilities. It is always great to have volunteers to make sure that the event runs smoothly and we will provide you with lunch and your very own NFPA Fluid Power Challenge t-shirt!

For More information please contact:
Chris Simcic