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Diesel Fuel Quality

Do You Know The Quality Of Your Diesel Fuel?

Not all diesel fuel is equal; in fact the quality of fuel can have a significant impact on both the long term and short term performance of engines. Fuel quality is becoming increasingly important as new and more sophisticated engines are being produced with higher standards than ever before. Typically, diesel fuel gets delivered to a work site with an ISO 22/21/18 rating. As you can see below, the next generation of engines will have a target rating for diesel fuel of ISO 14/13/11. ISO contamination codes consist of three numbers corresponding to the number of particles of 4 microns and larger, 6 microns and larger, and 14 microns and larger present in the fluid.

ISO Examples

Single Filter Illustration


Why It Matters

Regulations have been put in place to limit the amount of emissions produced by both road and non-road engines. By 2014, engines will be required to meet emissions standards that reduce particulate matter (PM) and NOx up to 99%. In order to meet these standards, engine manufacturers have created more sophisticated equipment that has higher diesel injection pressures. These increased ratings are the reason for the increased standards on the quality of fuel. To ensure that high quality clean fuel is being used many companies are beginning to filter their fuel as it comes to worksites using bulk filtration systems.

Bulk Filtration

Diesel fuel can easily become contaminated during transportation and storage of fuel before arriving and while on the work site. This leaves the responsibility on the end user to ensure that clean fuel is being used. In industries such as Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas, and Industrial fields this is a major concern because work sites have a wide variety of opportunities to contaminate fuel. Bulk filtration systems are designed to filter fluid in a single pass with minimal pressure drop through the system. By using the proper design, this results in clean, high quality fluids with minimal interference to flow rates and normal routines. Wojanis Supply offers a variety of bulk filtration solutions to help clean and protect the fluid on your worksite that will fit to your specific needs.

1. Clean – Single Pass bulk filtration
2. Protect – T.R.A.P. breathers and Active Reservoir Vents
3. Polish – Point of Use filtration

Clean Protect Polish